by John Bishay

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1.Design and Maintain your Website

This may seem obvious, but it is precisely because of its importance that it is put at the top of this list.

At a time when people are staying home on their phones and computers all day, your website may be the only lasting image of your business.

Not only is it crucial to maintain a professional front, but a website needs to have the capabilities to successfully continue your business online. Functions like order processing and online shopping may be crucial in preserving your customer base.

 If for some reason you have put off having a website for any reason,

  get one now.

Even if you have a website that you are proud of, you need to constantly update it with blog posts, new pages, new animations, etc… An old website is a useless website.

2. Build your online presence

Besides owning and maintaining a professional website, you still need to create and maintain an online presence. This can and should come in many forms.

Social Media is a Must!

Have you only been operating on one platform, such as Facebook? Now is the time to expand your social media presence. There is usually so much more you can be doing that you may have previously neglected like getting on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc…  You cannot neglect to put these things off any longer. Just like your website, you need to have professional and consistent social media posts to keep customers engaged.


You might have to trade in your homemade logo for a professional logo, along with branding. You might think it looks good, but only a professional can ensure that your logo is not too busy, that it can print well, that it is compatible, that it is unique, and that it matches your overall brand. Your logo and all accompanying designs will be all over your social media (possibly in every post) and need to efficiently do their job.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Just as important as the online presence of your business, you need to personally be present everywhere. If you have been hiding behind your company, now is the time to get out and show the world the face behind your product.

Having that personal connection with customers will make a world of difference in establishing brand loyalty.

Develop a personal connection with your customers by showing them who the owner and employees are. Post your employees on your Instagram, go live on Facebook, make sure your webcam is working and use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or YouTube to interact with your customers.

4. Continue Your Routine


Do not look at this quarantine as a much-needed vacation and an opportunity to slack off – you need to continue your daily routine like there wasn’t a deadly virus spreading around the globe.


 If you used to shower, shave, and change every morning, don’t stop! Even if you choose not to interact with anyone in person or via webcam, feeling clean and fresh every morning will help you start a productive day.


 If you used to quickly fry and gobble five strips of bacon as you jogged out the door, don’t start preparing a six-course breakfast every morning because you now have the time. You will feel bloated and sleepy and lose a few hours of your morning. Keep your meal light and quick and get to work! These are the most productive hours of the day.


Matching your current routine to the routine you had when you physically went to work (as well as you are able to) should stimulate your efficiency and drive you away from laziness.

5. Establish Your Workspace

You may have already heard this before, but a dedicated workspace can be a real game-changer for your productivity. Again, it is very easy to see this upcoming time as a chance to work from your bed – don’t. Speaking from personal experience as well, working from your bed is a disaster.

Find a nice, quiet space to work in, preferably away from your family, so you can make calls, video chat, or take notes as you please.

Clean the surrounding area, open a window, light a scented candle, and get all your supplies ready for a long day at work. (See photo to get an idea of what my personal home work-space looks like).

Underestimating how much work you may have to do from home is a dangerous risk, as you may have to work harder and longer than before to maintain the same level of business.

John Bishay
You need to step up to make important business decisions at this time. Do not lose hope, slack off, or put off making long-term investments. Not only will this help you now, but these tips, as well as the professional investment in your online presence, will help grow your business post-quarantine.

Hi! My name is John from Redlands Writing Solutions. I am the exclusive copywriter for Redlands Graphics. If you are willing and ready to make the most out of this time and come back stronger than ever by applying any of the tips mentioned above, call me today at (951)-809-6292 for a free consultation and business strategy plan to completely rejuvenate your work for the foreseeable future.

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